Asher's Trial Mod Application

Steam Name: Asher0603

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:81189148

In game name: 442nd Commander 1362 Ash

Age: 13

Timezone: Pacific

Do you have a mic: yes

Are you a member in the Steam Group? Yes

Total time played on the server: 1 week and 1 hour(s)
In less than 50 words, describe yourself: I have an interesting personality, no matter who you are I will usually get along with them. I have a big thing for humor and laughter all the time, though in a serious RP server I would usually try to keep that in.

How much can you get on in a week (rough hour figure): 15-30 hours

Why do you believe that you have earned the rank of trial mod: I think I earned this rank because I want to help enforce the rules and having fun on a serious RP server. I would enforce rules to make sure people have fun by not breaking rules, many people seem to fail RP when having what their way of having fun is. Reminding people to not fail RP or break a rule is what I would normally do  outside the OOC room, without admin powers I usually try to enforce rules by reporting player that are breaking rules to people with admin powers.(Please answer this question with at least 3 sentences)

Have you had any past experience of administrating SWRP / Garry's Mod servers: Little

Warning count: 1

Reason for warning(s): Fail RP (killing myself)

Will you commit to spending your spare time on these servers: yes, if possible

Will you continue to play on the servers if you are demoted: Yes

Who are the owners of the server? Saintgooby, and Hunter

*Response of multiple sentences are required!*
*Note that you are the only admin on unless stated in the situation*

1) You are on the server with another new trial staff. They appear to be abusing their new found power by no clipping to role-play in the server. You had told them to stop but they still continued to do it. What do you do? I would first warn them for Fail RP, if he/she continues I would then kick them for Fail RP and saying that I already warned them. If they come back and continue I would report them on the forums saying that they are abusing their powers.

2) Admin A is getting harassed in OOC by Admin B. As the harassment goes on, Admin A decides to take action into his own hands by RDM-ing and slaying admin B constantly. How do you handle this situation? I would tell them both to stop and warn Admin B for harassment, possibly kick he/she. I would then goto admin A and warn them for RDM and abusing their powers, possibly kick them for RDM and abuse. If it continues and Admin B stops harassing Admin A, but admin A is still abusing I would report Admin A on the forums.
3) While on the server you notice Player C abusing a bug that gives them unlimited ammo. You confronted Player C and he denied that he did it. You further spectate him and notice that he keeps abusing the bug. What do you do? I confront him and tell him that he is going to get a warn for using a bug and lying to staff. If they continue I would proceed to ban them for an hour, reason:lying to staff, and continuing to use a bug after warned not to. 

Assistant Staff Manager/EM
442nd Commander Asher
Hmmm, Sorry to for not hitting this application as much. Well Neutral, for now considering I see you on the server a lot but something in me saying something else. 
+1Well first, he is extremely active, he gets on when he can, of course school is in the way sometimes but whenever he is free he is on the server. I have played with Ash for quite some time now, he is a long time friend and I am the one who actually brought him to the server, not saying thats why I think he should be staff, but I know him very well and I know he will do good as a staff member.

Staff Manager
Cucked Grand Admiral

+1, Active, nice guy, I believe he has potential to be a good staff member, (and I generally like him :P)

"This text is green, therefore pineapples  are yellow."
If I did something wrong or didn't fill in something, please notify me about it

Assistant Staff Manager/EM
442nd Commander Asher
-1 Not active anymore.

RC MCMD 1138 Boss
Grey Jedi
Coding/Map Developer for GGS