Community Meetings

Tomorrow Thursday January 12th I will be hosting our first Community Meeting. This will act as a Staff Meeting but instead the whole Community is invited. This will be used to voice ideas and give suggestions, I am always open to these and some of your ideas either A) Don't get to me or B) Are so good they need to be voiced to the community. Anyone is welcome it will be hosted around 6:00 PM PST. I hope to see you all come. (And hopefully I will be able to host it at this time, hopefully I won't be too busy packing)

Also quick note while I am at it:
I will not be here Friday-Monday (Possibly Monday) I will be flying out to Baltimore with my brother to help him get settled into College again.

Shadow Marshall Commander 6102 Chef
Community Manager
I should be able to attend?

If I remember that is.

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