Hammers Trial Mod Application

Steam Name: Daltonleeg

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:158236255

In game name: Hammer


Timezone: Pacific Standard time

Do you have a mic: Yes

Are you a member in the Steam Group? Yes

Total time played on the server: 1 week 3 days

In less than 50 words, describe yourself: Pretty chill guy, easy going 

How much can you get on in a week (rough hour figure): I'm on every day pretty much all day

Why do you believe that you have earned the rank of trial mod: I believe I can be a great asset to the server and help control the minges if they come into the server 

Have you had any past experience of administrating SWRP / Garry's Mod servers: No I have not but I have watched the other trial mods do their job and have learned how to approach situations

Warning count: 4

Reason for warning(s): 2 times was because of suicide and the other 2 was because my gun blew up in my face and killed me because of lag

Will you commit to spending your spare time on these servers: I have no life ATM so all my time is spent on this server

Will you continue to play on the servers if you are demoted: Yes

Who are the owners of the server?
DD and Saint Gooby

*Response of multiple sentences are required!*
*Note that you are the only admin on unless stated in the situation*

1) You are on the server with another new trial staff. They appear to be abusing their new found power by no clipping to role-play in the server. You had told them to stop but they still continued to do it. What do you do? I give them a warning,take screenshots for evidence and inform an admin of his behavior. 

2) Admin A is getting harassed in OOC by Admin B. As the harassment goes on, Admin A decides to take action into his own hands by RDM-ing and slaying admin B constantly. How do you handle this situation? Freeze both and get them to calm down once they come to an understanding unfreeze them if they continue to fight and slay each other give them both a warning then tell an admin or moderator. 
3) While on the server you notice Player C abusing a bug that gives them unlimited ammo. You confronted Player C and he denied that he did it. You further spectate him and notice that he keeps abusing the bug. What do you do? Give them a warning for lying to trial mod and using bugs to get an edge on others if they continue spectate them and take screenshots next time they abuse it and tell an admin or moderator.
+1 you've been in my regiment for a while now, however just because you're in my regiment doesn't mean that's why Im giving you a "+1" I'm giving you it because not once have I had a complaint about you from another player, and not once have I ever had to sit you aside and talk to you, I personally think you would make a good addition to the staff team, you may lack experience with being a staff member but everyone has to start somewhere, and I would be willing to help you learn the ins and outs of being a staff member, but this decision isn't mine to make alone.
+1 Ahhhh.. Echo beat me to it. I'd have to agree with him. I feel Hammer could make a perfect addition to our staff in due time. We'll be more than willing to help him learn.

-Sexy Commander Fordo
I have seen Hammer on the server for a long time now but I do not feel that your answers to the situations are the best possible answers. So I shall stay neutral on this application.

Staff Manager
Cucked Grand Admiral


The sexy and amazing Daddy P.
In his defense, he said he has had no prior experience as staff or admin, so you can't really expect him to give staff level answers to situations he hasn't been in yet.
1+ he a great guy he would be great on the staff team he very mature
Neutral, The way he approached the situations was a little odd, he said it as if he wasn't the Mod/Admin and didn't have the ability to kick or ban. Also you are forgetting something

Assistant Staff Manager/EM
442nd Commander Asher
[PENDING] Because of the other admins being so damn lazy and not coming to +1 this.
+1 I think hammer has what it takes to be a Trial Staff. He is serious and is a great rper.

RC MCMD 1138 Boss
Grey Jedi
Coding/Map Developer for GGS
[ACCEPTED] Go ahead and find your Staff Manager or the Co-Owner to receive your rank! Thank you have a good time!