Tree's Trail Event Master Application


Steam Name: Treehen

Steam ID:

In game name:
91st Commander Tree
16 (17 in less than a month).
East Coast U.S (Closest one is New York).
Do you have a mic.
Are you a member on the Steam Group?
Not yet, but I was going to join momentarily.
Total time played on the server:
3 days, 5 hours
How much can you get on in a week (rough hour figure):
46 hours
Why do you believe that you have earned the rank of trial event master:
(Please answer this question with at least 3 sentences)
I've been staff on multiple servers (even running my own community), and I really enjoy doing events, but they seem to be lacking in "fun." I know the EMs try very hard in order to make the events entertaining and allow for follow up events, but when no staff are on it becomes very boring. Do to the fact I am constantly on, I could use my knowledge of events to create a fun, entertaining event which many people would like. I have plenty of experience and ideas in which I could use to execute an event. Most the staff seem pretty chill, but staff can't be everywhere at once, so having an extra staff online would really benefit the server. Plus, I enjoy being able to take charge in a project (such as an event), because it really shows a level of maturity that I seem to be lacking at times during RP. I know I haven't always been worthy of staff, but recently I have been asked by several people to spawn them in something or set their HP because they think I am staff (I don't specifically remember their names, but it has happened, I can assure whomever is reading).

Warning count:
Reason for warning(s):
FailRP x3 [One was from doing an event w/o staff online (non-staff event), the other two were from me not "minging" but being a bit annoying and disruptful.] Player Disrespect: I insulted Janus by saying "janus prefers 2."
Will you commit to spending your spare time on these servers:
I will spend as much time as I can on the server, and will try and make more if I am needed.
Will you continue to play on the servers if you are demoted:
Of course, I just wanted staff to help others out and give people a good time when on the server.
Who are the owners of the server?
GregHunter, Ghost, and SaintGooby (w/ Rake as a Co-Owner)
PENDING,We will see what others think about your app.

                                Cody Staff Manager for GGS
+1 I have played with him before and he has help me in the past with other events and have gave me ideas for other events

ACCEPTED - Cant wait to have you doing events

                                Cody Staff Manager for GGS
I would like you to fix your application please! and this is not nearly enough people to +1 and get instantly accepted.